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Cultural Practices

Below are some of the many cultural practices that Sports Field Solutions offers to help keep your playing surface at its best. Contact us to help get your facility in top shape today.

Aerification is a very important process in high-use field settings. It is essential to reduce compaction, which occurs under heavy foot and equipment traffic. Compaction inhibits the movement of air, water, and nutrients through the root zone, which is necessary for healthy turf. Turf that is grown on compacted soils has poor root structure, making the turf susceptible to damage from traffic, drought, weeds, insects and many other environmental stresses.
Topdressing is a useful tool to level uneven surfaces, reduce thatch accumulation and increase percolation in existing soils. Topdressing should be considered after aerification, verticutting, fertility and a weed control program is in place. It is likely that most of the problems with unlevel areas will be reduced with a good annual maintenance program.
Verticutting (Vertical Mowing) is a necessary practice to control thatch in turf grass. During this process, excessive growth and organic matter is removed from the turf surface. 
Fall overseeding for any of the fields can be performed. The choice to overseed should be based on playing schedules and health of the turf. Overseeding may require extra verticutting in both the spring and fall to insure smooth transitions.
The fertility program will consist of several applications, each tailored to meet growing conditions and the time of the year. Each application will be made with a well-balanced fertilizer, selected for the specific site. Slow-release Potassium, Sulfur and Iron will also be included for turf grass health.
Weed Control
A preventative weed control program should be in place to prevent both summer and winter weeds. The applications can be made in conjunction with the fertilizer applications. For non-overseeded areas, spring and fall applications will be made. Overseeded areas will not be treated in the fall in order to enhance ryegrass germination.