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Drainage Control

The importance of proper surface and sub-surface drainage and the development of a good overall maintenance plan for sports field drainage cannot be over stressed. Both of these will save money, provide better participant enjoyment, and add to the life of the field. Installing a sub-surface drainage system in an existing sports field is often necessary.

An ideal playing surface is soft enough to give bounce to the players legs, has no wet or bare areas, has few weeds in it, presents no danger from parts of the drainage or irrigation system, and has no stones or other hard objects on it. All of these points can be achieved by good drainage.

Four ways Sports Field Solutions can correct your poor field drainage:

1. Precision Laser grading
2. High-perculation rate sands for soil profile
3. Vertical underdrains
4. Catch basin storm drains

Proper drainage to a field improves the overall playing surface and will make your complex a safer place to compete. It also limits the number of weather conditions that can cancel game play and budget spent on quick-drying products.