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SFS believes that the keystone to a better field is in the precision of the grade.  When the grade is done improperly, water does not move off of the playing surface and leads to increased rain-outs, more delays of games and a loss in revenue.

Positive surface drainage, which is created by the grade of the field, ensures that any water falling on the field has the shortest possible distance to travel with the least amount if impediment to get off the field. 

Precision grading ensures that water flows easily off the field of play preventing puddling and excessive rain-outs or delays. Additionally, a smooth surface is safer for players and ensures a truer game by not interfering with ball roll.

Sure, you can install drainage in the subsurface, but water moves much faster and easier when it is traveling along the top of the soil than when moving through it.  Under heavy precipitation events (or quick snow melt), this will not only cause puddling, but can also change the movement of the water enough to wash out portions of the field which will intensify the situation and negatively affect play and safety.

Laser grading is offered to achieve the most accurate playing surface possible. Our equipment is automatically controlled by combining hydraulic and electronic equipment to smooth your areas to within 1/4 inch of specifications.

Using a laser beam transmitter on a tripod, our equipment uses a mounted receiver to sense the signal and automatically adjusts the cutting edge with a hydraulic system.